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ArtifexED enables clients to achieve their goals of implementing environmentally sound development and rehabilitation projects. By providing a staff of highly educated and experienced project directors, ArtifexED can solve technical challenges directly, and overcome uncertain environmental project contingencies. ArtifexED’s commitment to efficient problem solution, managerial and technical client service by the principles, and technical excellence enables us to deliver our clients mission.

ArtifexED’s core specialties are Civil and Environmental Engineering, Land and Water Resources Management and Development, and Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation. ArtifexED embraces the multidisciplinary nature of these services, and employs a diverse staff and associates to provide an integrated project solution to the client.


Denver Storm
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Environmental design and restoration
Multidisciplinary services in environmental design and restoration, rehabilitation and conservation planning enables communities and private land owners to maximize the potential for impacted sites, and make wise decisions concerning the use and protection of natural resources.

Construction and operations management
Implementing construction projects, and ensuring high standards of performance is a core element of providing full project solutions.

Environmental planning services
Strategic planning for land development, resources and utilities is the first step in wise resource use and protection.

Sustainable land development
Artifex leverages its multidisciplinary skills to create unique and functional land development programs in a variety of environments.

Environmental hydraulics and hydrology
At the core of our specialties is a focus on the natural and built hydrologic systems which underpin the sustainability of our communities.

Environmental and urban geography
Artifex provides the technical tools for spatial analysis and understanding of the environmental and social context of our communities.


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